Sporting thinks of everything!

Laundry service

The time for our subscribers is important for us!

Located in the open area, adjacent to the reception, the SM3 Point is officially opened with the friendly management of Fabio and Alessandro.

The store offers classic laundry, shoemaking and tailoring services made in Italy, as well as the resale of sports articles by Arena, Head, Nadia Fassi and Be Good.

From June 15th, the shop will offer a pool and shower towels hire service.

Competitive prices, high-quality garments and products characterize this structure.

Try the comfort of having your laundry inside the Sporting.

Tailoring Service

Always available for Sporting members and not, there are tailors to change and make even more original your clothing.

Hems to shirts and trousers will no longer be a problem: do not hesitate to ask for personalized advice with our customized tailoring service.

Special Tailored

And for those who are more demanding and want a high-quality wardrobe, the SM3 LAUNDRY tailor is available to create customized dresses and shirts at really attractive prices!

Additional services

  • FURS: repair, cleaning and summer storage: just ask the store all the information!
  • LEATHER: washing, dyeing and tailoring
  • INTERIOR DESIGN: curtains, sofa, armchairs, chairs and pillows refinement. Make your home unique with small indoor upholstery work. A shop manager will come home free of charge for a quote.
  • DELIVERY SERVICE : do not waste your time, call directly the SM3 LAUNDRY for picking up and returning all your items directly to your home at no extra cost! EXCLUSIVE SERVICE FOR RESIDENTS IN BASIGLIO – MILANO 3


Do not you want to bring your bag home? Every time you go to tennis, forget about something?

Just deposite your bag: your only problem will be to think about your workouts.

For all pricing information and how to use the service, contact the store directly.

The opening hours are:

From Monday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 8pm

For info and contacts : +393281653019

SUMMER PAUSE: The shop will be closed from 7 to 28 August