ABS: toning focusing on ‘core’: the entire abdominal corset

ARM TRAINING: toning the upper body, especially the arms, with the use of small tools.

CARDIO GAG: cardiovascular workout with modulated intensity with large stress of the lower part of the body. Suitable as a base for all athletic endurance sports (running, cycling, swimming …)

CIRCUIT TRAINING/INTERVAL FIT: lesson set on toning with a series of exercises interspersed in a circuit which works on the lower and upper parts of the body (also with use of tools).

FUNCTIONAL BODY: toning developing a good basic tone with exercises in global movement, it helps to develop the skills necessary to have a strong body and ready to everyday movements.

BASIC STEP: cardiovascular work on the step. Workout routine only with basic steps and simple variations.

STEP: cardiovascular choreographic work on step. Workout routine of high intensity with changes and transformations of the basic steps ( medium-high difficulty level).

KICK – BOXING: Toning lesson with static and dynamic movements that involve the lower part of the body.

LOW BODY/GAG: toning lesson with static and dynamic movements that involve the lower part of the body.

MILITARY FITNESS: new high-impact discipline that involves all muscle groups, burns the excess fat and allows to gain a full balance with your body. A real military training with team working technical with music. We recommend constant frequency … for tough people!

ZUMBA: Work out with fun, with the rhythms and movements of African-Caribbean music, combining dance and fitness. A toning, fun and effective workout … relieves everyday stress and negativity!

TOTAL TONE: global toning throughout the body, targeted at critical points … an happy and funny lesson with music!

ACTIVE PUMP: with the use gym equipment performing exercises to musical rhythm … improves muscle tone and reduces fat!

POSTURAL GYM: gentle exercise and easy to perform ideal for improving joint mobility and muscle elasticity, without the overhead of joint structure … a blessing for the body!

PILATES/FIT PILATES/BODY BALANCE: training program (free body or with the use of tools), based on the fundamental principles of Joseph Pilates, who teaches to assume the correct posture and to give greater harmony and fluidity of movement. Displacements, rotations, jumps help to increase the toning of the legs and buttocks … a real well-being!

PUMP: technical training with music to tone every part of the body with the main use of the barbell

STRETCHING: Physical activity aimed to muscle extensibility. It helps to prevent and treat any sports injuries, reduce muscle tension after exercise and improves coordination and body awareness … suitable for all!

SUPER TONE/TOTAL TONE : complete toning workout with the use of small gym equipment

UPPER BODY: toning lesson using static and dynamic exercises where works mainly the upper body part.

YOGA: physical activity aimed at improving the well being and to find balance through relaxation techniques based on breathing and relaxation. During the course, everybody will be able to perform all the positions suggested by the teacher … a true moment of detachment from the busy life!

BURLESQUE: new discipline that teaches how to build body in a harmonious way … a novelty!

SPINNING: group aerobic exercise on bike that teaches the technique of pedaling at various speeds, with music. A real virtual journey where emotional involvement brings the mind to overcome physical fatigue … to complete release tension!

AQUAGYM: training program that takes advantage of the water resistance for toning all body with a medium-low intensity.

ACQUA TONE: Medium-intensity activity with floating equipment aimed at toning your legs, abdomen and buttocks … intense and fun workout at the rhythm of music!

AQUA ZUMBA: Highly toning exercise at the pace of Latin music … strengthens muscle tone and strengthens the cardio-circulatory system!

ARGENTINE TANGO: from September

CARIBBEAN DANCES: from September

For the kids: aerobic activities, keeping the basic lines of all disciplines, are adapted to children!

  1. kid’s step: fun and simple game-lesson to teach young students the correct movement in musical time and aerobics and step introduction, playing with the numbers and mathematical operations.
  2. Zumba Kids
  3. Hip-Hop
  4. Dance-play
  5. Fit-Kids