Returns the “GREAT SQUASH” at Sporting MI3 !!
The area, the grandstand and the 4 squash courts are a real highlight for our center: it is still considered one of the most beautiful areas at the national level for this wonderful sport.
In the context, the area is part of one of Europe’s most important covered facilities.

January 31st will officially resume the activity with a full day dedicated to our members, where experienced players and instructors will be available for all the relevant information; you just have to wear suitable shoes with neutral sole and racket. The clothing is pretty much like tennis / paddle.

From FEBRUARY will also resume the official A.S.S.I. with so many events that will involve players of all levels, from beginners passing through the various categories (I-II-III and IV Category) to get to Pro players.

An intense squash program that will finally bring us back long after meritfully and proudly at the forefront of our sport center.

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