SM3's Swimming Technical Staff

The swimming area has two pools: a semi-Olympic blanket with 6 lanes and an Olympic-lit outdoor area with 8 lanes of 50 meters and an enclosed play area.

The technical staff boasts the presence of instructors and beach attendants recognized by the Italian Swimming Federation and by Salvamento.

The courses offered by our swimming school are aimed at all age groups from two years up to adulthood; the groups are differentiated as well as by age for swimming skills and skill levels.

The range of the training offer completes the growth path giving the opportunity to those who, acquired the necessary swimming skills, love the competition to be part of the Nuoto Sud Milano competitive team present in the Italian Swimming Federation affiliated for more than 15 years.

Access to the free swimming pool reserved for members is always available during club opening hours.

For info and registration Responsible Swimming Area Simona Tonani Phone. +393277649147 –



  • Sporting Milan 3 technical manager and competitive team coach
  • Instructor II level Italian Swimming Federation since 2001
  • Lifeguard Saver since 2002
  • Certificate of specialization “Aquaturity 0-36 months”
  • Swimming school coordinator from 2010 to 2014 “Le Magnolie” plant in Pieve Emanuele
  • Athlete agonist since 1990, now registered Master M35 Swimming South Milan
  • Gold medal for the 2016 regional master championships
  • Gold medal in the 800 SL and two bronzes in the 200 FA and 400 SL at the Italian championships in 2015
  • 5 place in the general classification at the 2016 European master championships


  • Competitive team coach and swimming school instructor
  • Italian Swimming Federation Instructor since 2005
  • Lifeguard assistant Since 2004
  • Coach from 2009 to 2015 first team GestiSport
  • Agonist athlete from 1991 to 2010
  • Plurimedaglia at the Italian youth championships FIN in 2001 and 2004
  • Participation in the Italian absolute championships FIN from 2002 to 2006
  • Plurimedaglia at the Italian UISP championships from 1993 to 1997


  • Italian Swimming Federation Instructor since 2005
  • Specialization in courses for preschoolers 3-5 years and adults
  • Lifeguard FIN since 2009
  • Former South Milan swimming team coach
  • Agonist athlete Swimming South Milan until 2010


  • Swimming Instructor National Salvamento Society since 2015
  • Lifeguard assistant since 2014
  • Former South Milan swimming agonist


  • Swimming instructor FIN II level since 1992
  • Wetting attendant FIN since 1991
  • Former national blue team swimmer
  • Italian category champion
  • Former national youth coach at the Youth Olympic Games in Europe
  • 2 gold and 1 silver medals at the European junior championships
  • 6 Italian records for boys and juniors


  • Swimming instructor Saving since 2003
  • Specialized in courses for teenagers, adults and newborns


  • Lifeguard Saver since 2016
  • Swimming instructor Saving from 2016
  • Former agonist athlete
  • Graduate student in food science and technology


  • Swimming instructor FIN since 2010
  • Lifeguard FIN since 2009
  • Specialized in courses for school and preschool children
  • Career Award TASM UISP
  • Participation in the FIN and UISP championships until 2010


  • Lifeguard assistant since 2014
  • Saving Instructor since 2016
  • Former athlete agonist now Master Swimming South Milan


  • Swimming instructor since 2015
  • Specialization in pregnant and neonatal courses and preschool children
  • Lifeguard assistant since 2017


  • Athlete Swimming Preagonism, competitive spirit and finned from 1997 to 2007
  • FIPSAS Swimming Instructor since 2008
  • Patented attendant BANKING COMPANY NATIONAL SALVATION from 2011
  • Acquafitness instructor with patent NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL SPORTS CENTER since 2012


  • Italian Swimming Federation Instructor since 2017
  • Ama Sport Rozzano agonist athlete until 2014


  • Genoa Lifeguard Instructor since 2014
  • Specialization in courses for children of all ages from 2 to 16 athlete
  • Competitor athlete of SWIMMING SOUTH MILAN until 2014
  • Lifeguard FIN since 2016


  • Lifeguard Saver since 2008
  • Swimming Instructor since 2012 (Milan Salvamento Section)
  • Fitness instructor since 2012 (National Diploma of waterfitness CSEN)
  • Swimmer master at Nuoto Sud Milano since 2016
  • Silver medal 100 mixed in Novara 2018
  • Bronze Medal 200 style of Varedo 2017